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Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious bacterial disease that typically affects the lungs. Testing for TB is crucial for certain high-risk populations, including healthcare workers, people immigrating to the U.S., and those with potential exposure to the bacteria.

CVS Pharmacy provides accessible tuberculosis testing services at thousands of locations across the country. Read on for a detailed overview of TB test costs at CVS, insurance coverage specifics, scheduling logistics, pricing factors, payment information, and more.

How Much Does a TB Test Cost at CVS?

The cost of a tuberculosis test at CVS can vary between $0 and $100+ based on the specific test type, pharmacy location, additional services required, and health insurance coverage.

According to the official website, TB testing at MinuteClinic typically costs between $35 and $59. MinuteClinic offers affordable testing options compared to emergency room visits, with a 2020 independent market research study showing lower patient out-of-pocket costs for MinuteClinic visits.

Base Pricing for CVS TB Tests

On average, the typical pricing for a TB test at CVS MinuteClinic locations is:

  • TB skin test (PPD)$40-60
  • TB blood test (QuantiFERON Gold)$80-100+

Pricing can be a bit higher at urban CVS clinics in major metro areas. Rural and suburban CVS MinuteClinics tend to have lower pricing.

Health Insurance Discounts and Coverage

Having an active health insurance plan provides significant savings on TB tests at CVS. Both government programs like Medicaid and Medicare along with private health insurance plans will often fully or partially cover standard tuberculosis screening as a preventive service.

Those with insurance can expect to pay:

  • $0-20 out-of-pocketfor the TB skin test
  • $30-60 out-of-pocketfor the TB blood test

Always present a valid insurance card when checking in for a TB test at CVS to ensure proper billing and lowest cost.

Additional Costs to Consider

If a TB test comes back positive, indicating potential TB infection, additional testing and services are needed which incur extra fees:

  • Chest X-ray– Confirms TB diagnosis, typically$50-$150
  • Doctor visit– Assess infection status, treatment plan. Co-pay /coinsurance applies.
  • Tuberculosis medications– For active TB. Varies based on regimen.

With health insurance coverage, these important follow-up services are made affordable in the case of a positive TB test result at CVS.

Estimated Total Cost Ranges

Given all these factors, the estimated total out-of-pocket cost for tuberculosis testing at CVS can vary from:

  • $40-60 for a basic skin testfor insured patients
  • $80-150+ for a QuantiFERON blood test and follow-up X-rayfor uninsured

CVS provides cost-effective pricing for these crucial tuberculosis screening services for communities nationwide.

TB Testing Services at CVS

With over 9,900 pharmacy locations nationwide, CVS is an ideal option for convenient TB testing. Many CVS stores have an on-site MinuteClinic, which offers health services like tuberculosis screening.

CVS provides the traditional tuberculin skin test (also known as the Mantoux test or PPD), as well as TB blood tests like the QuantiFERON Gold. The MinuteClinic nursing staff are trained to properly administer and read these tests per CDC guidelines.

Key benefits of getting a TB test at CVS include:

  • Walk-in testingduring pharmacy hours for quick, easy screening
  • Online schedulingthrough the CVS website or MinuteClinic app
  • Electronic recordsfor seamless sharing of test results across providers
  • Reasonable self-pay ratesfor uninsured patients
  • Insurance billingto minimize out-of-pocket costs

With flexible testing options, integrated health records, and thousands of locations, CVS offers unbeatable convenience and value for tuberculosis screening.

Scheduling a TB Test Appointment at CVS

CVS offers various options to schedule a tuberculosis test for convenience:

  • Walk-in– TB testing is available without an appointment during regular pharmacy hours, though wait times can vary.
  • Same-day appointment– Schedule a test for later that day if openings are available.
  • Future appointment– Pick a future date and time that fits your schedule.
  • Online scheduling– Easily make appointments through the CVS website or MinuteClinic app.

During high volume times like back-to-school season or ahead of winter travel when many need TB tests, scheduled appointments are best to prevent long waits.

Can I Get a TB Test at CVS Without an Appointment?

Yes, CVS provides walk-in tuberculosis testing during all pharmacy hours of operation, no appointment required. However, keep in mind that wait times can be longer during peak demand. Scheduled appointments help ensure timely, convenient TB testing.

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How Long Does it Take to Get TB Test Results From CVS?

  • TB skin testsrequire returning to CVS 48-72 hours after the injection to check for any reaction on the arm. Results are available immediately upon reading the test.
  • TB blood testsprovide results within 24 hours. CVS will contact patients with negative or positive QuantiFERON findings.

Proper follow-up is critical for positive tuberculosis test results at CVS. Speak with the MinuteClinic provider about the next steps like chest X-rays and doctor referral.

TB Test Results From CVS MinuteClinic

CVS offers clear documentation of all TB test details including:

  • Date, time, location of test
  • Administering nurse/provider
  • Test used (PPD skin test or QuantiFERON blood test)
  • Results upon reading

This official record satisfies TB testing requirements for schools, jobs, travel, and other needs. Patients can access test results through the CVS MinuteClinic online portal as well.

What Does a Negative TB Test Result at CVS Mean?

A negative tuberculosis test result indicates no detectable TB infection at the time of testing. However, the CDC recommends periodic repeat testing for certain high-risk individuals.

What Does a Positive Result Mean on a TB Test at CVS?

A positive TB test result from CVS means that TB antibodies were detected, signifying potential infection. This will require urgent follow-up testing like chest X-rays and doctor evaluation to confirm actual TB disease versus latent infection.

Proper management of positive TB test results is critical. CVS MinuteClinic providers can explain the next steps and connect patients to appropriate care based on CDC guidance.

Insurance Billing and Prices for Uninsured

CVS offers various payment options to help make tuberculosis testing affordable.

Health Insurance Coverage for TB Testing

How Much Does A TB Test Cost At CVS? - ThePricer Media (2)Bring a current insurance card to maximize savings on a TB test at CVS. Both government-sponsored plans like Medicaid and Medicare along with private health insurance cover preventive TB screening with little to no out-of-pocket cost in most cases.

cvs attempts to directly bill insurance plans upfront so insured patients pay only any applicable copays or coinsurance.

Uninsured Payment Options

For uninsured patients, CVS provides reasonable self-pay rates for TB testing. Expected pricing is around $40-$60 for a skin test and $80-$100 for a QuantiFERON blood test on average.

Accepted payment methods for uninsured patients include:

  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) card
  • CVS Pharmacy gift card

Payment is due upfront at the time of the test. Knowing the approximate cost ahead of time is important for budgeting.

Related Health Services

Along with TB testing, CVS MinuteClinics provide a wide array of health services like:

  • COVID-19 testing
  • Rapid flu tests
  • Routine immunizations
  • School/sports physicals
  • Treatment for minor illnesses and injuries
  • Ongoing management of chronic conditions
  • Travel health services

Bundling TB testing with other necessary health services at CVS MinuteClinic enhances convenience while also keeping health records integrated.

Other Nearby Places Providing TB Tests

In addition to CVS pharmacies, TB testing may also be available from:

  • Primary care doctor offices
  • Urgent care centers
  • Public health departments
  • Travel clinics
  • Community health centers
  • Hospital labs
  • University health services

However, CVS frequently offers more affordable TB test pricing along with added conveniences like walk-in visits. Checking CVS availability first can help maximize access to quick, budget-friendly tuberculosis screening.

Final Words

With thousands of pharmacy locations providing walk-in TB testing, integrated medical records, and competitive pricing, CVS is an excellent choice for tuberculosis screening.

Base costs for uninsured patients are around $40-60 for a PPD skin test and $80-100+ for a QuantiFERON blood test. Those with Medicaid, Medicare, or private health insurance will pay very little out of pocket thanks to coverage for preventive screenings.

To save time and money, schedule a TB test appointment online or via the CVS Pharmacy app whenever possible. Taking advantage of integrated services at CVS MinuteClinic can seamlessly fulfill school, work, or travel TB test requirements.

Speak to a CVS MinuteClinic provider if any questions come up about the need for tuberculosis testing, positive results, or follow-up steps. Staying up to date on TB screenings when recommended allows for prompt treatment if infected, helping stop further spread.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions about getting TB testing done at CVS Pharmacy:

What is the Cheapest Way to Get a TB Test at CVS?

The tuberculosis skin test (PPD) is the most budget-friendly option vs. the blood test, with average costs of $40-60 at CVS MinuteClinics. Having active health insurance brings the price down further, often to less than $20 out-of-pocket. Always bring an insurance card to maximize savings when getting a TB test.

Where Can I Obtain Proof of a Negative TB Test From CVS?

CVS provides official documentation of all TB test details including the date, administering provider, the type of test performed, and the results. This documentation can serve as proof of negative TB status for schools, employment, travel, or other needs. Patients can also access test results through the MinuteClinic online portal.

How Do I Schedule a CVS TB Test Appointment?

TB test appointments can easily be scheduled through the CVS Pharmacy website or MinuteClinic app. Next-day and same-day time slots are often available. During high demand times, scheduling an appointment helps ensure timely TB testing. Walk-in visits are also accepted during all pharmacy hours if openings are available.

What Steps Should I Take if My TB Test is Positive at CVS?

If your tuberculosis test comes back positive at CVS, prompt follow-up is essential. Additional testing like a chest X-ray is needed to confirm a TB diagnosis along with doctor referral for evaluation and potential treatment.

Communicate closely with the CVS MinuteClinic provider to adhere to CDC-recommended protocols for positive TB test results.

Is the Cost of a TB Test at CVS Cheaper Than at an Urgent Care?

CVS MinuteClinic typically offers more affordable pricing on tuberculosis testing compared to urgent care centers. Expect to pay $40-60 for a skin test and $80-100 for a QuantiFERON blood test at CVS vs.

$60-100 and $150+ respectively at urgent care. Checking CVS first is a good way to save money on needed TB screening.

How Much Does A TB Test Cost At CVS? - ThePricer Media (2024)
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