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How to Use Comenity Easy Pay (2024) (2)

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Comenity Easy Pay allows you to pay your store-brand credit cards without logging into your online account. This can save you time when paying your bill and makes it so you won't have to remember any passwords when it comes time to make a payment. We'll break it all down for you here…

How to Use Comenity Easy Pay (2024) (3)

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How to Use Comenity Easy Pay - What's in this guide?

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How it Works

Comenity Easy Pay supports 167 store branded credit cards such as Ulta Beauty, Express, Torrid, LOFT, GameStop, Carter's, and dozens more. Each brand has its own dedicated payment link where you can access the system. Here's how to use Easy pay:

Step 1: Find Your Card

To get started, you'll need to locate the unique Easy Pay link for your store branded card. You can locate the link for every store branded Comenity card here. Just type the name of the store you're looking for in the search box and it should come right up.

Step 2: Select Sign In

You'll be taken to a page which explains the benefits of your particular card. At the top of the page you'll see a 'Sign In' button. Click it.

Step 3: Go to Easy Pay

The page will change to a sign in module, but you'll see a bar at the top of the screen that enables you to switch to Easy Pay. Just click the 'Try it Now' button and the page you're looking for will open in a new tab.

Step 4: Enter Your Info

You'll be asked to enter your credit card number, Zip Code, and your ID number. From there you'll be able to easily apply a payment to your credit card bill.

Is it Safe?

Yes, Comenity takes safety very seriously. The company asserts that they use state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect your account and personal details such as your credit card number and Social Security Number. Your online account with Comenity is password protected and even though Easy Pay does not require you to enter a password, you do need to supply specific personal information in order to safely access your account. This can help ensure that only you have access to your credit card bill.

What is Bread Financial?

On April 25, 2022 Comenity rebranded to Bread Financial. Nothing changes in terms of how you pay your bill whether that be online through Comenity's Account Center or via Comenity Easy Pay. You can also still pay by phone or mail in a check to be applied toward your credit card payment.

Customer Service

You can contact Comenity (Bread Financial) customer service at 1-833-755-4354.

Final Thoughts

Comenity Easy Pay is a great feature if you're looking to make a quick payment to your store-branded credit card account. With 167 cards supported, you can easily find your card and apply a payment without having to memorize your password and without even going into your online account. If you're looking to pay your Comenity bill online, we definitely recommend using Easy Pay.

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How to Use Comenity Easy Pay (2024) (2024)
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