How to Use the Flower Key (Act 3) | Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)|Game8 (2024)

How to Use the Flower Key (Act 3) | Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)|Game8 (1)

The Flower Key is a quest item for the Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders side quest in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). Read on to learn how to use the Flower Key, as well as how to get it!

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How to Use the Flower Key

Unlock the Secret Room in the Attic of Fraygo's Flophouse

How to Use the Flower Key (Act 3) | Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)|Game8 (2)

The Flower Key can be used on the Wardrobe located in the attic of Fraygo's Flophouse to unlock a secret room which turns out to be the Bhaalist murderer's lair. This is the killer that you're trying to catch during the Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders quest.

The secret room is also where you can get the Bloodstained Parchment as evidence to be shown to Inspector Valeria towards the end of the side quest.

Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders

How to Get the Flower Key

Obtained by Defeating Zomm

How to Use the Flower Key (Act 3) | Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)|Game8 (3)

You can loot the Flower Key from the corpse of Zomm after defeating him and his group of shapeshifters in the hidden tunnel underneath the Open Hand Temple.

Use Necromancy Spells to Quickly Kill the Shapeshifters

The shapeshifters are weak to necrotic damage, so consider using Necromancy spells such as Inflict Wounds and Wounding Ray to deal massive damage to them!

List of All Necromancy Spells

How to Access the Hidden Tunnel

How to Access the Hidden Tunnel

How to Use the Flower Key (Act 3) | Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)|Game8 (4)

Open and enter through the Ornate Wooden Hatch found in the Open Hand Temple's kitchen located northwest of the temple.
2 Keep following the narrow path until you reach a room with an altar in it.

How to Use the Flower Key (Act 3) | Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)|Game8 (5)

Press the buttons hidden behind the Heraldic Signs displayed on the walls near the statues to open the door leading to the hidden tunnel.

Take note you'll have to pass a Perception check in order to access the buttons behind the signs.

4 Enter the hidden tunnel and follow the path until you encounter the Shapeshifters.

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How to Use the Flower Key (Act 3) | Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)|Game8 (6)

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How to Use the Flower Key (Act 3) | Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)|Game8 (2024)


How to Use the Flower Key (Act 3) | Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)|Game8? ›

The Flower Key can be used on the Wardrobe located in the attic of Fraygo's Flophouse to unlock a secret room which turns out to be the Bhaalist murderer's lair. This is the killer that you're trying to catch during the Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders quest.

How to use the flower key in BG3? ›

To use the Strange Flower Key, head up to the second floor and interact with the ladder in one of the rooms to climb up to the attic. The Strange Flower Key will unlock the wardrobe in the attic, revealing a hidden room. Make sure to include Astarion in your party when visiting Fraygo's Flophouse.

What happens if you fail to dominate the brain in BG3? ›

The failed domination attempt forces the party to retreat to the Astral Prism, where it's revealed by the Emperor or Orpheus that an enhanced mind flayer intellect will be necessary to fight against the Absolute.

How to open secret passage under Temple BG3? ›

Gathering Clues

Next head down the hatch located in the kitchen; this leads to a crypt beneath the temple. In the corners of the room are buttons hidden behind stone crests, and activating them will open a stone wall to reveal a bloody trail leading deeper into the crypt.

How to open secret door open hand temple? ›

If you're in the temple, use the hatch in the kitchen. This will take you to an underground altar room. Pass a Perception check to reveal two buttons, one behind each heraldic crest on the wall. Press these to open a hidden door.

Should I let Lae Zel kneel? ›

Generally speaking, you shouldn't force Lae'zel to obey Vlaakith. If she goes against Vlaakith, Lae'zel leaves for the Astral Plane at the end of the game and leads a rebellion to save her people. If she sides with Vlaakith, Withers implies that she meets a much darker fate during the epilogue party.

Should you take Raphael's Deal BG3 Act 3? ›

Raphael's deal in Baldur's Gate 3 seems tempting, but it comes with consequences. Accepting his offer leads to disapproval from the core party members, along with major sacrifices in later parts of the game. Rejecting Raphael's deal has few negative consequences.

Should you destroy the Elder Brain in BG3? ›

If you fail the roll, you can always load back and try again, or be faced with either destroying or leaving it. If you destroy it, you'll squash it with no chance to fail. Leaving it in the body ends the quest and Us won't join your party.

Does the Emperor betray you in BG3? ›

First things first, freeing Orpheus will make the Emperor betray you and join the Netherbrain, since you're taking away his protection, which means you'll have to fight him during the final battle.

What happens if you give the hag your eye in BG3? ›

So, what do you get if you agree? First off, your character will visually get a whited out eye. This will give you the Paid the Price condition, meaning you have +1 on Intimidation checks but disadvantage on Perception checks or when you're fighting Hags.

Who murdered Father Lorgan in BG3? ›

By speaking with the dead, we learned that a dwarf clad in red killed both Father Lorgan and Brilgor.

Can you trust Raphael in BG3? ›

What should you say to Raphael in Baldur's Gate 3? You can trust Raphael in the short term, sure, but later in the game you'll want to decline his deal made in Act 3, where he offers you a specific weapon, and work to steal it from him instead. He's a devil by nature and by trade, instinctively cunning and controlling.

What happens if you accept the monk's curse in BG3? ›

If you decide to accept the curse, you have a chance to neutralize the harmful effects with a pair of rolls. If you fail both rolls, you'll receive a -2 to your Wisdom score, failing one roll makes it a -1, and succeeding both completely eliminates the negative effects.

Who killed Logan in BG3? ›

Speak to the dead Father Logan in Baldur's Gate 3

You can do this by using the “speak with the dead” ability and then interacting with Father Logan's corpse. After a brief exchange of dialogues, Father Logan will reveal to you that Brilgor was not the one who killed him, but rather it was a “dwarf dressed in red.”

How to open cellar door in BG3 Act 3? ›

On the north wall of the cellar, you'll find a hidden lever behind some crates that you can pull. This opens the Secret Cellar Door behind the bookcase nearby, allowing you to enter a hidden area.

Should I take Tasha's Hideous Laughter BG3? ›

Tasha's Hideous Laughter is a solid spell that effectively incapacitates and prones a target, giving attackers advantage on the attack roll. That said, at the level you'll be during this point of Act Three, there may be better crowd-control options available to your spellcasters.

Where does the moonflower key go? ›

They unlock a set of doors in High Peak Castle, the penultimate biome. Three Moonflower Keys exist in total, and using them all gets you a mutation blueprint, but you can't get all of them in a single run until you have at least 3 Boss Stem Cells.

How to enter Wyrm's Crossing? ›

It is easy to enter Wyrm's crossing. Just invis yourself and walk past the checkpoint. Or, there is a easy platforming path to get past the checkpoint. However, going from there to Wyrm's Rock and then to Baldur's Gate requires a quest item (AFAIK).

Where to use ffions key? ›

Fifon's Key can be used on the lower floor of Flaygo's Flophouse, to open a chest for some more casual loot. Ffion's Chest is on the second floor where you climbed the ladder. In the left-hand room, where two people are talking among themselves, the chest will sit behind them in a corner.

How do you free the lady from the pod in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Next to the Cartilaginous Chest is a "Dead Thrall." Search their body to find an Eldritch Rune. Take the Rune back to Shadowheart's console and select "Insert the Rune into the Socket," then "Place Your Hand on the Console." Something in your head will trigger. Select "Illithid (Wisdom): Will the pod to open."

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