Trinket farming locations (2024)

So, you're looking for good spots to loot trinkets huh? Well, you came to the right place.


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Good spots as a Beginner/Freshie
    • 2.1 Number 4: Sewers
    • 2.2 Number 3: Wayside Inn
    • 2.3 Number 2: Crypt
    • 2.4 Number 1: Gem Sea
  • 3 Good spots for Midgame/Intermediate
    • 3.1 Number 3: Central Sanctuary
    • 3.2 Number 2: Sunken Passage
    • 3.3 Number 1: Full Sleeping Forest run
  • 4 Good spots for Late game/Advanced
    • 4.1 Number 3: Castle Sanctuary
    • 4.2 Number 2: Dragon Pit
    • 4.3 Number 1: Castle Rock


There are a ton of spots where you can get trinkets, but some are obviously better than others, we are going to list them all, please note that some spots are a little bit more dangerous than others, but as the saying goes, higher risk, higher reward. Some being glitching to a spot your not even supposed to be in, some needing orderly, some not even picking up trinkets.

Good spots as a Beginner/Freshie[]

These spots don't require mana climb or any alignment making these spots great for silver farming on your alt.

Number 4: Sewers[]

This place is great for beginners, this spot however isn't the best as it traps you in this room that you can't escape out of unless you reset or glitch out. This place used to be overpowered and great for making quick money but people leaked it and now it's a very known thing now so it might not be as good as you think. you corner glitch in through the left side after getting to necro towers (everyone knows about sewers except new people it's common knowledge) however this place is dangerous because if an exploiter kills you there you cant get restored for it. (As of recent update you need a desert mist and need to press e to enter sewers, due to there being a legit way to enter sewers now you can get a restore now)

Number 3: Wayside Inn[]

This place itself is a good spot and a pretty known spot, it is located right from the Cardinal Crossing gate, it has a ton of trinket spots, the problem is people spawn here and loot it aswell so its very rare to see this spot having a ton of trinkets, but it is still great.

Number 2: Crypt[]

This spot is VERY good if you know what you are doing as its looted much less with lots of trinket spawns, this is due to its high risk, but high risk means high rewards. There are maybe 12 trinket spawns in the crypt, as well as about 4-5 others on the islands. The strategy for farming this is to either buy a torch or run around the outer line of the center until the door opens, (I'm not sure if this works anymore, it hasn't been opening until I die when I do this. That could just be my luck though) Unless you have a torch and 2 people you should NOT attempt to grab all the trinkets at once, run around until the door opens, run outside, try to get the shriekers behind a tree where they won't easily ambush you as you coming out of the crypt for the second time, now that you've done this, run back into the crypt and grab your trinkets. The shriekers won't spawn if they are already spawned, so its 100% safe. Now reap your rewards and GTFO.

Number 1: Gem Sea[]

This spot is insanely underrated as very few people even know about it. Enter the opening in the cliffs opposite of Crypt. Once you do that run to either Santorini or Isle of Eth. Isle of Eth doesn't have that many trinket spots but it is known for having a good chance of spawning Phoenix Downs. Santorini and the places leading to it contain many trinket spots. On average gives 160-200 silver per run.

Good spots for Midgame/Intermediate[]

These spots will most likely need Mana climb to access or a certain alignment, however, it won't require insane difficulties to reach.

Number 3: Central Sanctuary[]

Central sanctuary requires you to be orderly and have slightly trained mana climb (No you don't, you can do this with day 1 mana climb, completely untrained. Just climb on the giant roots and up the gate.), this spot has a ton of trinket spots and most of the time people don't loot it as often, making this spot great. However, you do need to be orderly and have mana climb so that's the only downside to this. There is also a secret room here containing two trinket spawns, when entering the sanctuary pick the left staircase and stay close to the left wall until you will get into the room.

Number 2: Sunken Passage[]

This spot is great, since you only need mana climb, and not even a decent level, it could be done at any level of mana climb, do not loot the left side of the passage, only loot the right side as the left side is more dangerous since theres Evil Eyes LOOT THE LEFT SIDE OF SUNKEN AND THE RIGHT SIDE, even if there are Evil Eyes. You can get good spawns here and in the First layer. Also if you want to kill the evil eyes a guide is here Theres also Acorn Lights which can be used for the Dragon Knight quest or can be sold for a decent amount of silver.

Number 1: Full Sleeping Forest run[]

This is arguably the best way to make silver, you start at the entrance of sleeping forest and just barge in and loot all the trinkets, the more you do it, the more trinket spawns you memorize, so if you have a successful run, yes I'm talking about looting the whole sleeping forest, Deepforest Sanctuary(If orderly), Flowerlight Town, and even Sunken Passage as well. The whole run will make about 150-200 Silver each run, and Sleeping Forest spawns scrolls much more frequently so this spot is great if you are a mage.

Good spots for Late game/Advanced[]

These spots require basically need max climb, preferably a Ultra or Hybrid, and even Tomeless if your feeling extra safe, also requires basic knowledge of Tundra, unless someone gates you there or carries you.

Number 3: Castle Sanctuary[]

This place is decent, however you do need to be orderly (You actually could glitch in the orderly barriers by corner glitching but trust me, its much slower doing that rather than being orderly) Rarely anyone loots this spot, the trinkets mainly spawn on the blue carpet tables with 2-3 Trinkets each, you could also loot the Sigil Tower if your feeling like it. This place is in the Tundra, so artifacts have a higher chance of spawning there.

Number 2: Dragon Pit[]

Lemme just put this out, INSANE amount of trinkets, and its in Tundra so higher chances of finding yourself a artifact. Looting this spot requires max climb (Or just decent climb but max is preferred). However, theres a major drawback in this spot, a ton of people loot it, including Ultras. Its really rare to see this spot filled with trinkets and you might find yourself some beef in there, since people don't like to share trinkets.

Number 1: Castle Rock[]

The most dangerous spot of them all, but as the saying goes, higher risk, higher reward, you have to pick up the Strange Feather from the Yeti, and then go to the eagle statue hidden in the Tundra, then your in Castle Rock, it is highly recommended to bring a friend or two just in case something goes wrong. Also watch a guide on Castle Rock if your planning to loot it. Exploiters loot here on a daily basis, so watch out for that.

An alternative to this entire page is to get Blacksmith sub or the class itself.

^^ also if you're gonna get blacksmith, I recommend going Blacksmith on a alt, and Rigan too since it'll help you escape out of a stinky situation. Keep in mind that people hate other blacksmiths and will 100% target and try to kill anyone they see mining both for the sheer amount of money they typically have and just the general hatred for other people “stealing” their ores.

Trinket farming locations (2024)
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