Starks Funeral Home St Joseph (2024)

1. Starks & Menchinger Chapel - Starks Family Funeral Homes

  • Obituaries · Learn More · Filbrandt Chapel · Swem Chapel

  • Welcome to the Starks & Menchinger Chapel in St. Joseph. Our family will care for you with the deepest respect, concern and compassion.

2. Obituaries | Starks Family Funeral Homes

  • Use the different filter options... · Shirley Hooper · Joyce L. Rantz March 19th, 2024

  • Obituaries | Use the filter options to find the obituary you are looking for.

3. Starks Family Funeral Homes | Saint Joseph MI - Facebook

4. Starks Family Funeral Home - St. Joseph Today

  • 2650 Niles Rd. St. Joseph, MI 49085 · (269) 556 9450 · Starks Family Funeral Home Logo.

  • The Welcome Center hosts a number of resources that can keep you informed about upcoming events, area attractions, local businesses, and much more. Grab an area map so you are sure to find all of the great shops and restaurants. Looking for a recommendation on where to eat, shop or play? Our staff members are happy to tell you about the great options in our area.

5. Recent Obituaries | Stark Funeral Professionals

6. Stark Family Funeral Homes - St. Joseph - Michigan - Tribute Archive

  • 2650 Niles Road, St. Joseph, MI, 49085. Get Directions. 269-556-9450. | 0 review Leave a review. How can We Help?

  • View upcoming funeral services, obituaries, and funeral flowers for Stark Family Funeral Homes in St. Joseph, MI, US. Find contact information, view maps, and more.

7. Starks Family Funeral Homes Archives - Leader Publications

  • Starks owns funeral homes in St. Joseph (Starks and Menchinger Chapel), Dowagiac (Yazel and Clark Chapel), New Buffalo (Sommerfeld Chapel) and Buchanan (Swem ...

  • Tom Starks, owner of Starks Family Funeral Homes, including Yazel-Clark Chapel in Dowagiac, Tuesday announced the opening of a fifth location in Berrien Springs.

8. Starks & Menchinger Family Funeral Home - Saint Joseph, MI - Parting

  • See prices, photographs, and reviews of Starks & Menchinger Family Funeral Home at 2650 Niles Ave, Saint Joseph, MI, 49085 on Parting.

  • See prices, reviews, and photos of Starks & Menchinger Family Funeral Home in Saint Joseph, MI

Starks Funeral Home St Joseph (2024)
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